My Leaside

My Leaside looks ill and sick and falling apart. It’s not that it is not a beautiful neighbourhood or that the people aren’t lovely. It’s just that people forget it is and they don’t take time to walk around it.

Did you guys know about this shop? IMG_6697



I love Refuel it’s located on Bayview, past Shoppers (if you are from Leaside) and it has by far the best tasting juices that I have tasted. By the way, I hate juice. So that in itself speaks volumes. Everything is fresh, done on the spot. You can call ahead if you wish to get your orders ready. He is so incredible that he will help you with parties, galas and receptions. It’s such a great alternative to an ice cream party. Why not?

Next there is this guy.


Did you know about Flying Wheels ? They don’t only specialize in bike gear you know. Ladies & Gents, if you are using a large wheel stroller and need a spare tire, there are options. These guys were able to change my tire with my kids still sleeping in it! It was such a relief after being turned away from Moms to be and More. It is by far the best service I got. Their prices are reasonable and they help you on the spot. It’s a hidden gem.

I see you see we all see!

If you are looking for an optometrist in Leaside, there is a very good one hidden on Bayview. Make sure to call for an appointment. Dr. Dennis Bader is on Bayview.

So why are we having such a hard time in the neighbourhood? So far, the street seems to be going through an economical phase where rent is too high for small merchants and shops to succeed. But according to a commercial property manager neighbourhoods go through these phases sometimes and it is actually quite normal. It’s a phase.

That’s great, but how do we support our local vendors, our shops and talent if spirits seem depleted? Did you know what is in your neighbourhood? I do, and I promise to show you some amazing discoveries and talent on a weekly basis.

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